Sunday, January 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #48: Seven Psychopaths

Yet again we are back with another review. Today we have Seven Psychopaths. I watched this film with a friend as it came out. I mean with the name and the cast I couldn't help myself. Woody Harrelson is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. This film was out on Blue-Ray it was around $10 and I had to have it ipso-facto is in my collection :)

This movie is about a writer and his friend trying to write a movie called Seven Psychopaths. He has a bit of a drinking problem and he and his girlfriend are on the rocks because of it. When his quest and the abduction of a mobsters dog lead to him coming face to face with the real thing this takes a turn for a very fun and exciting tale.

This movie has everything that you want in a movie about seven psychopaths. It has some pretty good writing and gives off a kind of pulp fiction type of vibe. The characters are fun and the dialogue is where the heart is in this film. The character interactions are great and the overall makeup with music makeup and costume design leads to a spectacular finish.

This movie is a tad over violent. I couldn't show this all the way to my parents as my father really tends to go for such but it was too violent for him. I really have to wonder at times that they are working too hard to be pulp fiction for their own good. In the end this is pretty much all I had against this film.

Rating:  7/10

I got the Blue-Ray version of this film it is a good copy crisp in appearance.

Used:     $9.53
New:     $16.93   Amazon Marketplace

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