Monday, January 27, 2014

DVD Movie Review #58 American Pie: Band Camp

Hello yet again I am back with a fine little review of stuff I am watching before adding it to my nicely plump collection. This selection comes from the American pie spin off movie collection. I'm OCD and felt the need to pick it up. As my girlfriend doesn't care for the spin offs I've had to wait for a time to hide and watch these alone and finally got the chance to see one for myself.

This movie follows one of the main character's from the good series little brother. He wants to be just like his big brother (who is a total dick) and wants to start his own girls gone wild type franchise. He gets in trouble by pulling an outrageous prank on the band and ends up having to go to band camp where he attempts to make a band geeks gone wild break out video for himself. Along the way he makes friends and learns that he isn't a total dick after all.

Well this movie is fun to watch if you can see it for what it is. It is a simple raunchy comedy that plays off of the success of the American Pie Movies. Some of the cameos are nice such as the Shermanator and of course I love Eugene Levy as he is always fun in the films he's in. The story is passable and if you can get by the above it is watchable. (I've seen worse!)

Just because I've seen worse of course does not excuse this movie for its many poor points. It is a pretty standard story that has been tried again and again with a few boob shots thrown in. The main character isn't all that likable and I feel they tried to hard to be something they are not...good. The acting is kind of forced with many of the characters and their design is rather flawed. The soundtrack is very dated for for the time (I think I listened to this stuff when the first American Pie Movie came out) I guess they didn't have a lot of money to burn. Over all this movie makes me flinch at times with the grossness and this is not a good thing.

In the end this is a movie you can take or leave...though you can do better...really...yeah...

Rating:  5/10

I got the combo pack that they released for around $10 at wal-mart I can only hope that if you seek this out you'll get as good if not a better deal than I did.

Used:     $5.74
New:     $10.98

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