Monday, January 13, 2014

DVD Movie Review #49 Eat Pray Love

Yo! I am back again for yet another blue ray and/or DVD review. Today I am reviewing the movie Eat Pray Love. It has been on my list for a long time coming from a large lot of DVDs that I had gotten at the rate of 200 DVDs for $100. This is of course one of those that I looked at and said "oh I probably should watch that". The time I got this it had not long been out so I was pretty happy with the value.

This follows the story of a woman bored with her marriage so she divorces the guy and goes on a journey of spiritual fulfillment. This carries on to three major places in the world that are special to her in order to better learn about herself and to better fill the void in her life. in the end she hopes finds a level of fulfillment but is it what she was looking for?

This is a fairly well done move with beautiful scenery especially the scenes with the food. I am happy with the cast and the acting is pretty good. Any movie with Javier Bardin is usually something worth seeing at least once. The music fits the mood and the makeup and wardrobe also is very appropriate and fits things. Overall as a movie for women to see and cry a little and satisfy that lust for romance and adventure this is a great movie.

I did feel it was a little too condescending kind of placing her and her quest up on a pedestal a tad too much. Perhaps even making her look like the civilized being in a group of stereotypical savages. The Main character comes across as a bit of a needy self centered person and it becomes hard to sympathize with her as the movie starts. This makes it hard in the movie when it all revolves around a character that you don't fully synch with. I am also not fully on board with the plot or even her meaning of life solution. Chiefly I am just not that into the writing here...or maybe its the source material.

Rating:  5/10

I have the simple DVD version (I did get it for $0.50 after all) I am happy with what I got though and it was worth the purchase.

Used:     $3.74
New:     $6.49

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