Sunday, January 19, 2014

DVD Movie Review #53 Fairy Tail the Movie Phoenix Priestess

Hello yet again and here we are with another review. This one if Fairy Tail the Movie. I of course wanted this and had to buy it when it went on sale for Christmas in order to keep up with the collection. This movie was a tad expensive but not as bad as it is now.

This movie takes place a little farther out from the place after the current running story arc for the american release. This story follows the magic guild members as they stumble upon a woman who carries half of the phoenix stone which is said to have great powers and if united with the other half is set to spell destruction for the world. Unfortunately for the woman the ruler of a small country wants the other half of the stone to use its power for his own twisted benefits and he has hired a rival guild to do it.

The colors are again pretty vibrant and this is a fairly cool feature to the film. The story if nice yet standard for most anime movies. The music and dubbing quality are the gems of this particular one where I can say it enhanced the movie quite well.

The animation and art quality is worse than the normal series...I am serious. I feel that they were a bit lazy with this one. The story is very much a standard flow for any action anime series where inevitably you have the villain and the hero in a locked battle where they are blasting each other while screaming as loud as they can.

In the end this is standard fair as anime movies go. If you like the series get the movie if not don't bother wit it.

Rating:     6/10

I got the Blu-Ray DVD combo but I think this could hold up pretty well overall.

Used:     $28.29    Amazon Marketplace
New:    $20.99

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