Saturday, January 11, 2014

DVD Movie Review #47 The Dictator

Hello and welcome yet again to my DVD review. This time I am reviewing The Dictator. This movie is by the same person that brought us Borat and Bruno. I watched this film out of curiosity after hating Bruno and then was surprised as I didn't hate it. I then saw the blue ray for $5 at Books-a-Million and said "why not" I added this to my purchase of Wild Hogs (utilized by the way to make up for just buying my father a bottle of wine for Christmas good though it was).

This movie follows a lovable Dictator of a made up North African country where he reigns supreme. He is enjoying his thing when he is summoned before the UN on treat of bombing and finds himself on the run from killers and trying to protect his country from the greatest of all evils...democracy!

Well I did like this movie when I watched it. It is different from Bruno and Borat in some ways and similar in others. I like that this is a scripted film and the comedy is pretty steady. This in my opinion makes the movie more solid than Borat and not and blatantly uneven as Bruno. The characters are funny the writing was relatively good. The soundtrack is basically a bunch of popular music adapted to sound like the country stole it and made it their own which I find is a fun touch. The makeup is very fun and carries the feeling of the film.

The comedy in this film is a bit over the top and the similarities to Borat and Bruno comedy wise are blatantly apparent. I really have a problem with this sometimes and I know that others also will find the humor going too far such as the extended cut where the woman uses her boobs as lethal weapons being a bit too much for the theater for good reason. Of course if you are thin skinned and tend to take offense easily never go anywhere near this or any of the other movies.

In the end I thought this was a fun movie yet still not something that is for everyone.

Rating:    7/10

I have the Extended Cut Blue-Ray & DVD combo pack.

Used:     $5.25     Ebay
New:     $.8.97    Amazon Marketplace

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