Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DVD Movie Review #43 The Hangover Part III

Hello yet again we are gathered for my wondrous reviews! This time I am reviewing the final installment (hopefully) of the Hangover series. I wasn't going to get the blue-ray I really was just going to get the stripped down dvd version but I was at Best Buy it was Black Friday and the Blue ray was $7 and the dvd was $10 so I have a fancy end to the series.

Well we are back again and we see Alan going without his meds and in need of an intervention meanwhile his friend Chow escaped from prison and has proven to piss off some very nasty people. I really don't know what inspired these people to try and go for bat with their "friend" Alan but they do and we get to see the series inevitably end where it began....Vegas!

Well this one I do feel is an improvement from the last film. This is not just more of the same it actually is a tad different. We still have the same basic slapstick comedy that holds up to the level of the previous two but does not follow that same "Dude where's my car" story type. The chemistry between the actors in this is very well known and comes together yet again in this story. The music is well done and I have to say that the makeup and costume design make this film quite believable. Finally the action is very well done. When you see Chow parachuting over the Las Vegas skyline you feel you are right there with him.

The down side is it is another of those Hangover movies. The story is different but the humor and jokes are the same. I find that the characters (especially Alan and Chow) are frustrating and you are wondering why his friends aren't just leaving them out in the desert to die. The story also is lacking a key character that I will not tell you about so you too can feel the disappointment.

In the end I cannot say that much wrong with this one as I do feel it is the best of the three. If you like this series then this one comes highly recommended.

Rating:  7/10

Well the edition I have of this is the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD copy. Yay Best Buy!

Used:     $12.49    Amazon Marketplace
New:     $11.00   Amazon Marketplace

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