Thursday, January 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #51 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Yay we are back with another review. I have been one of the few people who actually have enjoyed these movies and when I saw this one for $10 I had to complete my collection.

We are back with the continued story of Gregg Heffley and his friends as he winds his way through summer vacation constantly being kept away from his beloved video games in order outside. He is also trying to win the love of the cute girl in school and facing the challenge of bonding with his father at the same time. Will he find love, will he end up being banished to military school? Watch and see...

I really enjoy this series as I used to love Pete and Pete growing up. This is pretty much the modern equivalent to that series. The characters are fun and the plot is funny. The acting is The characters are fun to see time and again interacting with one another the music is appropriate yet nothing special. The effects are pretty much standard for such a series. It is believable and overall it is doable.

This series is not for everyone. I feel that the plot is pretty standard and probably a bit overused when it comes for kids movies. The acting is as I said...standard there is nothing really special here. I would say that the biggest issue with this particular process is that it is nothing new nothing special and nothing to be excited about.

Overall this is a fun film. Nothing new but nothing that I feel is terrible either. Get in touch with your inner child again and take a look.

Rating:  7/10

The version I got from this is the standard edition but has a few nice features such as a animated comic, deleted scenes and a director's commentary.

Used:     $7.91    Amazon Canada
New:     $8.64    Ebay

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