Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DVD Movie Review #60 Andy Griffith Season 5

Yeah we are back again with another of my vault of many movies and tv shows. Today we are reviewing the fifth season of Andy Griffith. I had gotten the original box set with the whole series on it off of Movie The box was pretty beat up but it was only $60 so I went for it. Andy Griffith Show is one of the best shows that TV has produced and anyone with a movie collection should have this series.

This is a series about a small town Sheriff that is widowed living with his son and housekeeper. He and his off beat deputy Barney go on various comedic adventures with the quirky townspeople of Mayberry. Of course in the end a lesson is taught and everyone is happy. Makes you feel warm inside don't it. Season 5 of course tries to fill the void left by Gomer Pile by his cousin Goober. Otherwise this season isn't much different from the other 4 seasons before it (see the above description).

I find this as a simple and fun series that everyone can enjoy the show is episodical with a simple format that makes it easy to pick up at any time even after long periods of not watching. The music is pretty much the same throughout but of good quality. The acting and makeup are very good for the series and the different episodes are well written.

This can get old much like the rest of the series. I miss Gomer as Goodber isn't really as good but seeing as Gomer was only a one season wonder what's to worry about. This series is something that is fun but you have to take it in small pieces and season 5 is pretty much par for the course in this note.

Again very good more of the same and the continuation of a good essential series.

Rating:    7/10

This is the version from the full series box set.

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