Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DVD Movie Review #61 Kick Ass 2

Hello and yet again it is time for the next DVD movie review. This time I am reviewing the movie Kick Ass 2. I really wanted this film after I saw it in 2013 but I am really not happy paying inflated movie prices. Columbia house offered a $20.14 discount as a new years promotion and I managed to get it for around $0.54. I am very happy having this in my collection.

Well we pick up a few years after the first Kick Ass movie and our hero is getting a bit lost in his life. He decides to join Hit Girl and learn to really start beating up on crime. Hit Girl unfortunately has to start learning to deal with high school issues such as boys and fashion and of course the crew of plastics from mean girls. Of course our friend red Mist is even madder than ever seeking revenge for the death of his father forming a crew of super villains to take out the growing number of heroes in the city. 

This movie had a different feel than the original. It really did work off of the absurd type of comedy with the over the top heroes and villains. I thought that the acting was really good. Chloe Moritz is one of my favorite budding actresses and she has been fun as hit girl in both movies. Despite his change of heart and brief appearance this is one of Jim Carey's better roles it even takes a while to realize that it is him when you get in on this. The costume design is probably the best part of this film they were quite creative and the recreation of the costumes from the comics worked out quite well. The pace is very good and I find this a good adaptation to the comics. 

On the down side this is not as good as the first film. It is much darker and far more bloody and violent (if that was possible). The ramp up can turn off fans of the series. The kiss between the two main characters does kind of bother me as he was in high school and she was in elementary school in the first one and it just kind of gives me a shiver. I also feel that they were trying to market a bit on the Carrie film with their little mean girls stunt. 

Overall I am really happy having this in my collection and hope that they do end up wrapping up with a third film.

Rating:  8/10 

The version I got was the Blu Ray + DVD + HD digital copy 

Used:     $15.99

New:     $18.74

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