Friday, January 10, 2014

DVD Movie Review #45 Snowboard Academy

Hello and welcome to a new DVD update. Today we have Snow Board Academy. I am trying to collect Jim Varney films and I saw this one in Gamestop's buy one get one at $2.99 sale. This one also hase one of the Corey's in it which may actually be a detractor but for $1.50 I've not invested too terribly much in this.

This follows a Sky Resort where things are not that well with money being very short I mean they have to hire Jim Varney in order to be entertainment for their guests. Well thank goodness the resort owner's younger son is into this new fad called snowboarding and he starts a little school to try and liven things up and make money to save the resort.

This is a fairly light comedy and I do like Jim Varney. Many of the snow boarders are skilled and it is very belivable that they are in a ski resort with nice views and lots of snow. Well I guess that the dress is appropriate for skiing...

That was pretty much all I had to say that was good about this film. The acting was terrible with the writing including so many puns that your head starts to hurt after a while. Jim Varney of course is type cast basically playing a fouler mouthed version of Ernest. The costume design and makup are nothing special and the music is pretty much the themes you hear in almost every movie of this type. This movie has quite a few things against it.

This film really really did need to stay in the dollar bin. I am very glad that I did not spend much on this particular film.

Rating:   4/10

I had gotten "lucky" in getting this one so I can't really tell you much. The version I have of this is the regular dvd version.

Used:     $3.94
New:     $5.57

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