Saturday, January 25, 2014

DVD Movie Review #57 The Grand

Hello again I am glad to come back with an additional DVD review. This time I am reviewing the Grand with Woody Harrelson. I like the movies he is in and am sad that I was unable to get hold of this when I had the first chance. Dollar Tree had it on their $1 DVD sale. I was pretty perturbed by this as I missed out on it and couldn't find it for $1 else wise. I did manage to get it for $1.50 though and I am happy for that as this is a good investment of a movie.

The Grand is a large poker tournament held at the Rabbit's foot Casino in Las Vegas (Actually the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas). This casino is owned by Jack(Woody Harrelson) and he is having a number of money troubles due to poor investments and decisions made while under the influence so he decides to enter his own tournament in order to try and take a chance at winning the $10 million pot for himself to save the casino. Unfortunately for Jack in his way are many interesting and quirky characters that have managed to be great players in their own rights. Is Jack able to win his Casino back? We shall see...

Well lets start with the musical score of this film. I have to admit I like the score as it puts together elements that speak to the gambling persona and the mockumentary aspect of this program. The Makeup and costume design were both well done. I felt like it was creative with the design of the different poker players leaving us with a very entertaining cast to look at. The story was well crafted. I liked the mockumentary aspect and the poker players looked like a Dick Tracy Rouge's gallery making for a fun movie that I didn't get bored with. The ending also was fairly creative leaving me guessing a little bit.  The acting was good but then again we have a pretty nice cast involved.

This movie tends to get overlooked and with good reason. I really didn't feel that there wasn't anything majorly special as I wasn't only the edge of my seat nor did I really get to identify with the characters fully. I am still uncertain if I can like Woodly Harrelson's character or not.

In the end this is a fun laid back film that you should try and find and watch as it is really a fun ride. If you like poker and good comedy then you will probably like this film.

Rating:  7/10

The version I have of this is the only known version which is the DVD. It has a nice number of features for its low cost such as alternate endings, deleted scenes and commentaries.

Used:     $3.38
New:     $3.98

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