Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Game Blog #26 Monster Party

Hello and welcome to the next of my horror blogs. I am going back in time through the annals of nintendo stardom to come up with Monster Party! Horror games come in the cool the scary and the weird and this covered the last category.
This game stars a kid on his way home from school. He runs into an injured gargoyle thing and was told that the monster world has been taken over by a real bad guy. You have to get yourself together and join with the monster in order to use your combined powers t take out the evil monsters and restore the monster world.
This world is a side scrolling platforming adventure where you go around with your bat and try to take out the monsters in each level. During the day you have all the cool happy yet odd world with weaker bad guys.
During the night the monsters are stronger and the levels are harder. The cool thing is once you manage to build up enough power you can change into the fire breathing gargoyle to do more damage and even fly a little bit. This game is really REALLY hard as a platform but there is one final draw to it.
 This game is really REALLY weird You are fighting things like fried shrimp and onion rings. The monsters here have a strange sense of humor about them and this adds to the strangeness of the total experience.

Creep Factor - 5/10
Entertainment Value - 6/10
Scare Factor - 4/10

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  1. I absolutely love this game. I haven't played it in years, but I still have it. The original Nintendo is my favorite video game system. Cool write up.