Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #9 Silent Hill

For those of you following both of my blogs I am covering the Silent Hill Movies to go along with the Games. I have been waiting for a film adaptation for this game series for a long time and finally I got what I wanted and then what I had wanted more. These movies are not for everyone but for those that are fans of the game series this is a great watch.
This movie stars a happy family who have a little girl. She is tormented by nightmares about Silent Hill. Her mother decides that it is time to go there and find out what the issues are. Unfortunately for her she wrecks and loses her daughter in the confusion (sound familiar) She is tormented by strange monsters that appear when the sirens go off and the nightmare world begins. Her husband discovers that they have left and follows after to try and decipher the history of this ghost town.
This movie had a lot of cool things going for it. The effects were wonderful and the creatures were right out of the game. When you saw the creatures doing their thing and unraveled the town's mysteries you were drawn in for the ride of a lifetime. The beauty of the effects and the acting prowess of the little girl made this movie a lot of fun to watch.
To me there were a few aspects that I really didn't care for and one was the main character's acting. Her voice annoyed the heck out of me and lets all face it Harry Mason was the star of the series and she couldn't hold a candle. If you are going to replace him why do it with this person. The soundtrack isn't really a down spot but I find it laziness on the part of the film makers. The music even up to the song at the end were taken directly from the soundtrack of the third silent hill game...I mean it they gave a movie the exact same soundtrack as the video game. In the end though this was not a really bad section.
The Second film Revelations was the next attempt at Silent Hill gold. This time they didn't make pretense they went directly for the third game to copy it. The Daughter of Harry Mason discovers that she has ties to the town of Silent Hill and must go back in order to reclaim the other half of her soul.
This movie had a better feel than the first one and I believe that game lovers finally cheered to see one of the games fully brought to life. It continues to have excellent visuals and well the story...should not have been closely tied with the first movie. It came with a lot of chills and thrills that make Silent Hill what it is today.

Creep Factor - 6/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

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