Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #10 Silent Hill Part 2

Hello again and welcome back to my part 2 of the Silent Hill Blog. Today we are coming up with the Playstation 2 generation. This was in my opinion the Silent Hill Renaissance as they could do no wrong here. I will be covering the 4 major issues.
Silent Hill 2 was released as a follow up from the first game and showing off the elaborate graphics of the playstation 2 game system. This game showed amped up music and was still early enough that it had the (is this a cinema scene?) factor. The Game was creepier by far with the graphics and effects.
This game stars another individual finding his way back to silent hill to find his dead wife after he got a letter from her telling him to meet her. He goes into the evil town to track her down. In this game you are again with the strange and crazy setting with the plot that has pretty much no connection to the first game. The characters all have nasty flaws to them so they each get a little odder until the end where they all go totally off their gourds. The game ampted up the creepy making up for the lack of overall blot attachment.
This game moved up on the heals of the 2nd game. This one is the sequel to the first game where you pick up with the girl that Harry had carried away from the town and her discovery that she is much more than an average teenager. She heads back to silent hill in order to uncover her past and the twisted truth behind the town. This game gives one of the better origin stories for silent hill and only leaves a few questions unanswered. The characters have some depth and creepiness that also came with the silent hill franchise so that this story makes it easily the most solid of the games.
This game was not really a step above the second game but was more a step to the side. It is a testimony to the number of unlockables makes this really fun to play again and again. The Music was also one of the awesome points apparently enough to have it play the background in the movie.
When talking about steps away from the story lets take a game that started off as a totally different survival horror game and then got bought up and converted to a silent hill game. This is what you got from the room. Which had an individual waking up one day locked up in his apartment. Things get creepy really REALLY fast with the walls bleeding and things flying around. He has to solve the mystery of silent hill in order to escape.
Silent hill 4 did a great job for innovation in game play. This game combined two major style types that made it fun for most of the horror games in the series. The scares and creepy hauntings in your apartments did a wonderful thing.

Well this is it for now and we will be back with the ones that I didn't take.

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