Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #7 Resident Evil Series Part 4

Hello again and this is the final of my resident Evil Blogs. We're going all the way with this one ane we shall finally have the long awaited series rating! I hope you are all ready for the thrills and chills that await.
Well Nintendo didn't exactly do well with the hand held Resident Evil games as Gaiden basically was a flop fest. Of course playstation had the PSP and with that you could download and play the playstation resident evils 1-3 so what was the need for it. Nintendo decided they liked the remake so much that they would do it again with Resident Evil Deadly Silence.

This game was a pretty true to the game port of the original Resident Evil game with a few fun mini games and puzzles added to spice things up. This game utilized the full power of the DS giving players the feel of resident evil for the first time on hand held...well if you don't count the PSP.  This was nothing innovative or special when adding to the series but is worth mentioning.
Well Resident Evil 4 got the honor of coming to PC and making it the first of the series to get an official PC release. As the most popular game in the series this one quickly became a favorite for PC and Console gamers alike but id had yet to gain its ultimate release.
The Wii was the first system to really incorporate motion sense into their controllers. While the 360 and the PS3  had some level...mostly wireless. This allowed you to take the gun in hand and shoot as if you were really in the game. Though insanely hard this probably did the best job when it came to innovation with the series as a whole.
Well back to the first person shooter franchise. This one moved away from the free form first person shooter to the your'e on a track shooting your way through the town like in house of the dead. Unlike house of the dead this game was excessively hard and gave you a grueling tour of the first game.
This game was hard and not really that fun to play. Most of the fun aspects behind House of the Dead were not present here. It goes to show you that you have to be careful what you do with this type of game.
This game had a variety of releases and then like all game of the this modern time came out with one that had all the downloadable content so I will not dwell on the many versions that it came out with. This game took on a new shine that built off of Resident evil 4 trying to increase the action, ramp up the graphics and keep going with the upgradable gear. This game followed Chris and his new partner teaming up to take on bioterrorists in Africa who like to mess with the Las Plaga again. Through the many episodes they manage to find out the terrible secret and fight Wesker once and for all.
Well in the end this game did sport some interesting new stuff such as replayable episodes that allowed you to stack up cash and ammo. This made the game interesting on replay and mixing with the two player aspect you could have fun with a friend for the first time in the series. The downside is that the challenge level was lacking due to the easy weapon availability.
Again the Wii decided that a really REALLY hard trackline shooter was the way to go. I mean really this game made some of the old NES shooters have a good run for their money. The graphics showed a little improvement but really the gameplay remained lacking.
The game continued the story from the first one going through the second and third game. It was a good synopsis put a poor premise.
Action ACTION ACTION. The 3DS released its version of Resident Evil utilizing the 3D engine. It was a great attempt at getting back into the REsident evil vibe. Nintendo needed a shot in the arm and this one started off showing a good deal of the 3DS's power.
 Good Graphics and good gameplay mixed with a compelling story made this a good combination. This should have done better but as an exclusive that made it difficult for anyone that didn't get the 3DS.
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City was a throwback to the old days of the old Resident Evil before they blew it all to heck. They decided to set the story with you being the bad guys and blasting your way through test subjects to try and do evil's bidding.
This game added a new dimension to the series but the lack of originality made it into a blow em up action game with multi-player functionality. I liked this game but it really didn't hit things as needed.
Resident Evil Revelations decided that the series obviously didn't do enough on board a ship so they came up with this game. You get to play Jill again investigating the end of a city in a bio terror attack with her new friend.
This game was a good return to what had been lacking from the series which was the puzzle solving strategy angle. Ammo was limited and the monsters were plentiful and deadly. The only weak point here is that the graphics are a little lacking.
Now on to the last reveal to date but this one definitely is not lacking in the graphics department. Resident Evil 6 was the fastest paced action horror game that I have managed to play. You are surrounded by zombies in episodes that cover entire cities and done in beautiful HD graphics that will make you weep. In this game you get to play not only as Leon but as Chris and Ada they also bring back characters from the previous games as well.
This game showed innovation in the spectacular online multi player aspect. The story was also done in a way that mimicked the second game which restored a lot of the fun in the series. The problem here is that it really reflects online action more than it does survival horror. Is this where the series is going to stay? Well I hope it won't ut with REvelations two on the horizon I have high hopes.

Creepiness Factor - 6/10
Entertainment Value - 8/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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