Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #22 Child's Play Part 2

Well this blog shows where things stop getting scary and just start getting silly. Seed of Chucky follows a chucky fan girl and her efforts to revive the crazy doll. She ends up trapped herself in a female version of the dolls. They work together to slaughter their way to the top and Chucky continues to work towards getting a body of his own.
Ok this is officially when the series takes a turn to something else... This became less of a horror series and more of a comedy series much like the Leprechaun series. There were no scares here just a lot of killing and quipping. The new character is fun but at the same time this really changed the series for the worse I think. 

Ok here we go again...Chucky and Cynthia are back and this time they want a baby...for him to poop on! Well actually Chucky still wants to be reborn and this time they are  finding the perfect baby to do it with. Will the happy family kill their way into your hearts?
If we couldn't make a serious horror last time we can do a much better job of messing it up here. Really this is a joke and is more of a parody of a chucky movie than the first 3 films. This film really plays off of the comedy angle a bit too much which is probably why this was the last of the original film set. 

Creep Factor - 5/10 
Entertainment Factor - 6/10
Scare Factor - 4/10  

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