Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #20 Persona

Before it spawned all the cool sequels there was the original playstation game Persona. This was a j-horror game that at first was an underground success but found new life with the 3rd and 4th game as well as two anime series.
This series follows a group of students at their high school when something goes horribly wrong. The school is quickly taken over by monsters and you find that this isn't just the school but the city. It turns out that several of you have special abilities to summon a spirit creature called a persona to fight for you. Utilizing these and some other random weapons you go about trying to save the city and perhaps the world.
This game has a unique style of play where you go around the city and find buildings to clear. It switches to a first person maze reminiscent of the old sega RPGs. You then run into monsters to fight. You can utilize weapons like guns and other weapons to defend yourself but also you utilize your personas.
Ok this is the main tool you will use to attack your enemies. This uses magic and different abilities that develop and get stronger with the characters. The enemies are not really fully like most utilizing diplomacy skill to try and get them to go along with you and not kill you. This has provided a lot of fun.
 Well in the end you also have a little bit of boredom here but it is still a fairly creepy haunted city J-Horror Game.

Creep Factor - 5/10
Entertainment Value - 6/10
Scare Factor - 4/10

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