Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #30 Luigi's Mansion

Hello again and now I am covering one of the cool launch titles for the nintendo gamecube. This game is a fun little launch title which was a good way to show off the graphics of the new more powerful system.
Luigi has inherited a mansion from a dead relative and he goes off to claim his new prize. Unfortunately it was a haunted mansion filled with ghost that wan tto take him out for good. Luigi runs into a professor that manages to teach him how to not only catch the ghosts but how to save their souls once and for all.
I really liked this game. It has a fun combat system and cute dynamic. The mansion has a lot of fun puzzles and the graphics are smooth and work out quite well. The story is amusing and well worth seeing. Of course in the end this is a rather short romp. I do believe that this series is worth checking out again on the 3DS with its new life.

Creep Factor - 5/10
Entertainment Value - 8/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

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