Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #4 The Resident Evil Series Part 1

Hello all. I am continuing with my Resident Evil fun by putting together a blog on another chapter in the Resident Evil franchise which is the movie series. I will try and give a brief summary as we go on and then part two will handle other films in the series that are not apart of the above franchise.
Ok well we will start with the original movie that came out with much fanfare. I must admit it is very hard for me to remember that time as I had completely different expectations than what I got in the end. This explored a totally new character named Alice and her waking up without her memory in a house filled to the brim with zombies and twisted genetic experiments. This movie only gave a few nods to the game utilizing a virus, zombies and a monster that was taken from the second game. The acting is passable at best and it is pretty much a drop down action fest. Still as a stand alone horror movie it isn't too terrible.
This movie came after we all thought that the series was dead. In the end this movie felt like it was really trying to make up for the first not paying much homage to the actual games. We got to meet Jill as well as a few other game characters and introduced Wesker as the major Villain in the series. As a Villain I always enjoyed Wesker as a character and he was a fun foil for our Alice who discovered in this one that she is now Super Alice thanks to merging with the virus. I am sad to say that though this took place in the zombie ravaged raccoon city it was actually even lower rated than the first and yet we get to go on...
 Ok we are now going into the future where the zombies have won and civilization lives in the desert. Alice comes upon some of the survivors and realized that the evil umbrella corporation is still quite active and they are still aiming for world domination...? I look at this as a more solid avenue in the series not trying hard to be a part of the game and no longer having expectations that were previously tied to first movie in the series. This was pretty much a good and solid kick ass romp into action. Did I mention she now has clones to help her?
Again Alice is on the warpath trying to take down what is left of Umbrella and trying to take out Wesker once and for all. Unfortunately Wesker has improved himself with the Virus. She unfortunately loses her super powers in this version but still manages to come out on top with a little help from her friends.

The last entry in the series for now. Retribution has our friend gaining her powers back and joining together with a few game characters such as Leon and Barry to take on an Umbrella facility. She gets her powers back and starts taking out the bad guys once again. The movie ends setting up the next film in the series.
Alice is an interesting main character to have in this monster action story. I am not a huge fan of the actress and the character frankly annoys me a bit. It is ok but I have to tell you I am not really rooting for her that much in the end I have managed to get into the it just enough though by the end.
Not Terribly different from Video Game Wesker this one is a challenging evil genius that loves to play both sides of the story. He is made out to be more complex than is capable for the actor to reason out. In the end he is a villain that one loves to hate.
In the end this is a full action romp with a few bones to give to avid gamers just don't expect consistency...or good writing.

Creep Factor    -     2/10
Entertainment Value     -     6/10
Scare Factor     -     5/10

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