Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #23 Child's Play Part 3

Hello we are back yet again with the last part of the chucky franchise. In a land where movie remakes are everywhere this time we are doing a Sequel decades after the release of the original film. I bring you Curse of Chucky.
We start this story with a mother and daughter living together in a home. The daughter has lost the ability to use her legs due to an accident and her daughter is babying her terribly. One day they get a gift of a chucky doll and the mother mysteriously dies. Now her sister has swooped in and she is out for money. During this time the chucky doll goes wild and the killing begins...
Ok you know I don't really have a lot of confidence in horror remakes or really late sequels but this one is a true exception. I really loved this film it was well thought out the timing was great and the effects were suitably creepy. I was even enjoying the acting that this film is on.
This film really brings back the feel of the first film. Chucky still quips but it is kept to a minimum and the film sets up the kills in a way that builds the tension with a great level of success. The movement from the shadows. The subtle build up from the doll moving only a little at first and then going all out. The last thing is that it connects to the rest of the series quite well.

Creep Value - 8/10
Entertainment - 7/10
Scare Value - 8/10

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