Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #17-18 Laid to Rest 1 & 2

Hello all and welcome to the next of my movie suggestions for the Halloween season. Due to Missing yesterday due to computer issues (and obtaining The Evil Within due for Halloween Review). I love cool villains in a halloween series and this killer takes the cake for cool and nasty villain. Let us start with the films and then we shall get to the meat of the issue.
 Laid to rest follows the adventures of a young woman waking from a drug induced sleep to find that she is in a coffin in a mortuary. She has lost all memory and semblance of common sense. This is one of the bad things for her as she is being hunted by Chromeskull an assassin the does not lay off until you are dead. Fortunately for her she has the luck of the gods and is able to thwart the assassin by throwing as much fodder at him as possible. Will she ever regain her memory or her lost common sense? Only time will tell.
After the first movie did reasonably well the creators decided to continue with a direct to video sequel that paid more attention to Chromeskull and his history thus Chromeskull: Laid to Rest Two was born.
This one picks up pretty much where the first left off with our mentally challenged heroine trying to escape the evil Chromeskull. As the story goes on you gain insight as to the origins of Chromeskull and how he works. This movie also supposedly brings you the end of Chromeskull...happy viewing.
 Lets talk about the real hero of this series, Chromeskull. His mission: To kill the stupid and do darwin's work for him...ok in reality he is an assassin for hire. He utilizes a video camera mounted on his shoulder to tape his victims and to hand over to perspective buyers. Chromeskull has quite a detailed network at his disposal as well as a load of cash. Imagine Jason with a brain and you get this guy. The is also cool to look at wearing a black suits a chrome skull mask and using two really cool knives in combat as well as a few other tricks and toys. He is a cool villain well worth noting.
Lets talk about the heroes of the series. These are the same hopeless teens and middle aged idiots we see in most places. The woman in the first film is so frustratingly stupid that you even start to root for Chromeskull to win for once.
 In the end we have a fun and entertaining series of slasher films with a killer we can all get behind.

Creep Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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