Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #10 Eye See You

Ok we are back for the next entry in the series of movies. I am doing one that is actually ignored a bit in the movie group. You get your Stallone movies and then you have your lesser known stallone movies and this is in that later group.
Eye See You otherwise known as D-Tox follows Sylvester Stallone as a cop that witnesses the grisly murder of his wife at the hands of a killer that escapes his grasp. He decides to drown himself in alcohol and is sent to a new detox facility specifically for cops way out in the snowy north. Unfortunately the killer counts himself amongst the the people in treatment and is killing them. They must band together and find the killer before they all freeze to death or fall to the DTs.
 This movie takes place in a well isolated place as the scene is a converted military base in the middle of nowhere. There is no where to hide and with the electricity off all the characters can do is die. The place itself is a prison like setting with dark twists and corridors giving you that feeling that someone is going to come around the corner after you.
The killer in this is a very well done character. When he is revealed in the end it just adds to his scary nature. This guy can come out and ambush you and can get you startled multiple times. And when the reveal comes about you are ready to be crushed under his boot.

This is a good overlooked killer movie that most can enjoy I would say look it up.

Creep Factor - 6/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

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