Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #29 State of Decay

Ok who doesn't love a good zombie movie or zombie game on halloween? I can tell you that I am very excited about the game State of Decay. If you purchased the crappy walking dead game with hopes that you were getting a real zombie survival game you are sadly out of luck but here however...
The Premise of this game is quite simple. You are on a camping trip with you friend and then you run into a group of the undead. You fight your way to shelter and then your experience begins. This game has a bit of a story to it but in reality the core of it is to survive the zombie apocalypse the best way that you can.
The graphics on this game are nothing to jump up and down over but that is not where the game shines. This is a real zombie survival type game and there are no bones about it. It involves picking up survivors forming a band, making a hideout, protecting that hideout or just taking to the road foraging for supplies and ammo and enjoying the large free roam world. I feel that the simple aspects coming from combat with the multitude of weaponry and items such as vehicles and buildings to choose from make this game very much worth your attention and play value.
In the short and sweet this is a game that any zombie game fanatic should check out if they too wish to test out the zombie apocalypse survival fun for themselves. Just tell yourself it is only a game.

Creep Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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