Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #23 Maniac Mansion

Hello and welcome to the next of my game blogs. I am covering a game that launched an underground revolution as well as a fun underrated TV show. Maniac Mansion. 
This game follows the events of a meteor crashing near a creepy mansion. The crazies inside end up capturing a young girl and her friends have to come for her. You must face the scares in the mansion as well as its odd designs to rescue the girl from the evil meteor. 
This was a really cool game for PC and NES allowing you to point and click your way through the oddities puzzles and craziness of the story. The way that they wrote this gives you many ways to interact and to win the game. You have a number of character choices and combinations that leave the replay value quite high. 
The other fun part of this game is the size. This game was very large in relation to the time most games would take. This mansion was well built and fun to navigate. Weather you are playing ding dong ditch or microwaving a hamster this is a great classic still available for download. 

Creep Value - 6/10
Entertainment - 8/10 
Scare Value - 4/10

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