Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #13 Dead Rising

Ok Now we are back for another classic game brought to you by the people who have loved zombie horror movies and how to properly make them into a game. We bring you Dead Rising. There are three official games in the series but I am only covering the first yet I will include the trailers for the other two for you game lovers out there.
In Dead Rising you are a reporter trying to cover what you believe to be a riot in a small town. You discover that the rioters are in fact cannibals. You decide to touch down on top of the mall to get the best pics and then your helicopter pilot friend will take you out just in time to not die. Unfortunately the mall gets quickly overrun by zombies. The objective is to get the good pics save lives and get out in time so you don't miss your ride.
There are two things that set this apart from most zombie games and the first is the sheer number of zombies. This is how a zombie apocalypse game really needs to be. Heck with 2-5 at a time like resident evil lets do several hundred. They are easy to kill but in the end they are not going to be beaten this way. This reflects the series better than anything I could think of.
Everything is a weapon here. You can pick up most items like the bench, gumball machine or beach umbrella and use it against the zombie. Save your bullets and use the bench to plow your way through the hordes. The gun is useful, however when you have to deal with your living opponents.
It is weird! This has a lot of cool unlockable costumes and gadgets to tickle anyone's funnybone. This plus the photo aspect make this game unusually fun.

Creep factor - 6/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

Now for the others of your wanting the sequels here are the trailers

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