Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #3 Condemned Series

Hello and welcome to the next in my Gaming series. This time I am covering the Game series Condemned. There are two games in the series but I am only going to cover the first game as I have never gotten to play the sequel. This is a series that got a lot of play and popularity in its day and is still very much worth a view even in this day and age. 

This series follows a police detective in what seems to be a routine film noir case where you are following along taking crime photos and then an insane killer tries to take your head off. As you traverse your way through the eerie environments and twisted storyline the killers become more and more insane and supernatural until your very sanity is put to the test.
 The first person perspective gives you and a little extra insight into this massive underground labyrinth so you never know what you will run into or what might be sneaking up behind you in the dark. Are those store Mannequins getting closer? That's crazy right? right?! This also gives you a lot of room to have fun with various tools and not just the standard gun and grenade selection. You even have to utilize your wits against your enemies as taking them head on doesn't always work out for the best.
The Largest drawback in this game is the storyline. The characters are weak at best and the ending is well...poor. We have to put things in perspective and just enjoy the scare factor and the creep factor along with the entertainment. Like some horror films it isn't the story but the fun you had getting to the end.

Creep Factor - 8/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 8/10

This is a great game with fun game mechanics and a large creep and scare factor!

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