Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #22 Clock Tower

Well here we are back again with the next halloween blog. This time I am covering a truly nasty horror game Clock Tower. This game follows a young girl and the mystery behind the series of murders and a mansion. You must be careful because a dangerous killer with a nasty pair of scissors is after you.
Ok This game is old school and had a few sequels that were pretty lame overall. This one through is a pretty awesome one. It originally came out for the snes and was ported to the original playstation. This game had a lot of cool functions allowing you to explore a scary place and discover a lot of shocking instances of foul play. This game has a lot of elements that make a point and click adventure fun.  
This scissor man is a crazy malevolent killer that will instakill you if he catches you. You have to run and hide when he appears adding to the level of fear and anxiety that you feel while playing this. The instant killing adds to the excitement but t can also add to the frustration.
If you have a chance make sure you check this classic out.

Creep Factor - 8/10
Entertainment Value - 6/10
Scare Factor - 8/10

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