Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #11 Perfect Blue

Welcome back to the stage where I lay out the great horror films in order to flesh out your halloween fun. Today we are covering the film Perfect Blue. This is done by the late master of the strange and disturbing for such things as Paranoia agent. This film by all means shows how anime can be every bit as horrifying as the live action.
This film stars a trio of  pop singers that have made it to the big time. Their lead singer decides to strike out on her own to pursue an acting career in order to expand her horizons. It appears her fans are no where near happy about this and some seem to even become psychotic in their denial. The girl discovers a message board that is supposedly run by her and finds that she is railing against herself and her decisions. This springs a series of psychotic flashes that make you wonder if she is losing her mind. It would seem that being a star and burning bright might just burn her out.
This type of thing is a characterization of reality for some stars in the japanese pop idle world. This series introduces disturbing images and grizzly murders that amp up the tension leaving you on edge for the entire time the film is running. Like most horror films the tension builds slowly and when you feel that things are finally over then it really hits the fan.
The story itself is a mystery waiting to be solved. All the pieces of the puzzle are there but the completed piece will still startle and disturb you. The director is excellent at bringing the populus and his characters to the brink of madness and back again in a fashion that leaves you wanting more.
In the end this story will give you a glimpse into psychosis that will test your american belief that cartoons are only for children. Pushing a medium has never been so much fun. 

Creep Factor - 8/10
Entertainment Factor - 8/10
Scare Factor - 7/10 

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