Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #8 Carrie

Hello and welcome to the next in my lovely halloween blogs. This has been an exercise already as a cramped work schedule has kept me from really getting to some of the series I really wanted to cover. I mean really RUBBER?! Well this one is a true halloween terror staple brought to us by none other than Stephen King. There was not only a novel but three versions of this film. Their are only minor differences so I will go over them later in this blog
Carrie is just your average high school girl attending your average high school. She is coming of age so when "that time" comes upon her while she is showering the other girls decide that it is pick on the shy girl time. Really most of the school bullies love to pick on Carrie. Why Not? She's just your average shy girl right? Well one of the girls feels bad about mistreating Carrie so she has her boyfriend take her out to the prom. This is unfortunate as one of the mean girls wants to get even with Carrie for being so stupid and having her banned from the prom for forcing her to bully her. She gets her crazy boyfriend to get some pigs blood and dump it on her after having her get home coming queen. Unfortunately they don't know Carrie's secret.
Carrie Lives with her mother who considers Carrie a godless whore who she must constantly reform even locking her in the prayer box to "repent". Well Carrie is hiding secret devil powers call telekinesis and uses her new powers to free herself from her mothers' psychotic grip. Carrie seemed to finally be coming out of her shell and doing well...until the pigs blood. 
 She utilizes her new powers thanks to being uber mad to burn down the school and kill everyone that attended. She even hunts down the teens who dumped the blood on her and takes them out. After coming home and killing her mother Carrie dies in flame...or does she?!

As a hero/villain Carrie does a good job of showing just what can happen if bullying goes too far. She is obviously unstable and the teens that pick on her don't seem to get who they are messing with. The end result is a tad overboard but it builds the tension overall. The tension is the main point of the story that makes this a good creep out. Now lets get to the different movies for comparison.
The originally 1976 film stars  and is a very good fit for the character. This one is has a creepiness with the mother and daughter relationship. This is by far the best characterization I have seen. John Travolta is also great to watch in this version. 
In 2002 they finally came out with a TV movie for Carrie which was a great adaptation. It is too bad that this film didn't get as much attention. The major difference in this version is the chraacterization of the psychotic evil kid. I mean out of the three versions this guy seemed like the most psychotic and a tad scary.
Chloe Moretz of Kickass fame stars in the most recent adaptation. She does a good job of playing the character and is a fun characterization. It is said that the film is the closest to the books but really and truely same creepy girl, same creepy powers, same psychotic mother and same stupid bullies getting burned to death in the gym.

Creep Factor  -  7/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Factor - 4/10

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