Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #11 Silent Hill Part 3

Welcome to the final installment of the silent hill franchise blog. I have only played three of the games on this list and only beaten on of them so I don't have a lot to say. I will briefly cover the rest of the games so as to give them mention and then do a slight look at the future.
Silent Hill finally made its way onto the hand held circuit with Silent Hill Origins. The PSP could easily play the first game on download but this was the first one to utilize the PSP's graphical capabilities. This game stars a trucker on his way through silent hill when he rescues a woman from a burning building. He wakes up in the city of silent hill without any known what happened. You follow this trucker on his trek to figure out the mystery of silent hill before the town eats him alive.
This game entered into a few new game mechanic's when it came to the series. It kind of played of the whole Dead Rising utilize anything as a weapon theory. It unfortunately also played off of the you will lose that weapon after it breaks theory. This game was very VERY difficult and the truth of the matter is that I did not manage to beat this one...yet. It does address a few aspects of the story that had not been addressed in the 1st or 3rd games. If you are interested in the story and you are really good at the survival horror genre this is a good one. It also came out for download and for PS2.
Silent Hill finally made it to the high graphics age in Silent Hill Homecoming. You play a soldier coming home to visit his family in silent hill but he realizes things are not quite right here. He must unravel the mystery of his family and try and survive the terrors of this horrid town.
This game really did a good job of utilizing the high graphical aspects of the series. The shadows are ready to jump out at you (some times literally) as silent hill becomes scary and real. You play a soldier and real combat is brought to the series for the first time. I think that having this aspect of the series intermixed kind of actionized the series in a way that I am very uncomfortable with. It kind of rips away the horror a tad and starts to cross the line between what makes silent hill and what makes Resident Evil.
Ok this is the only one of these games on this blog that I have actually beaten. The Wii decided it would finally get in on the action with a re-imagining of the original series. This time your are talking with a psychiatrist and you are walking back through your memories as you came to Silent Hill and are trying to find your missing daughter. As the game progresses you learn more and more of the story and the lines of what is real and what is imagined blur with reality.
Many people didn't like this game because it really re-wrote that series taking the story and game play in a new direction. This game decided to totally leave out the combat aspect and instead turned it into a run as fast as you can obstacle course where the only items you get are used to slow the monsters or take them off your scent before you find the end. This made the game incredibly hard and frustrating at times. Yet the story was well done and this game did pull you in. I would be weary of this one even if you are a seasoned veteran. Think Clock Tower on Steroids here.
Silent Hill downpour was the first entry onto the PS3. I have this game but as I want to beat Homecoming I have yet to play the 4th official game. Still I have included the trailer.
Book of Memories is the first PS Vita release. As i do not have a PS vita I do not have this game. Again I am including the trailer.
This is the only reason I would get a PS4. This is the future of Silent Hill pairing a Walking Dead Star with a veteran movie writer/director to form a mastery of horror. This game was released in a downloadable demo called PT for the PS4 system and has gotten rave reviews. I have seen the trailers and the walkthrough and It is awe inspiring. Where the game had been going downhill before this shows promise to revitalize the series.

Well this is the end of this section I hope you enjoyed the series.

Creep Factor - 9/10
Entertainment Value - 710
Scare Factor - 7/10

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