Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #3 The Collector Series

Hello again and welcome to the next in my halloween movie blogs. This time I am working on a series of movies that belong to one set. I will be updating this throughout the month. This time I am covering the series involving the Collector and the Collection. This is a series of films that that follows a brutal serial killer and I believe has a large impact on the horror community. After watching the sequel last night it even had me change my blog focus onto good movie series or stand alone movies for Halloween. I believe that this is a good series for submission on the Halloween movie exploits.
 The first in the series is the Movie the Collector. This movie follows a contractor and part time cat burglar who is hard up and owes some major cash to some rather shady characters. He decides to rob a house on which turns out to be the worst night possible for such activities as this is also the night a contract killer is out on the hunt and he's unfortunately stuck right in the middle of everything.
The Collection takes up where the original movie left off where we revisit our hero from the first film managing to escape from the twisted Collector but instead of going home he has managed to run afoul of a group of mercenaries paid by a wealthy business man to rescue his daughter, who recently got captured. Now they are taking the fight to the killer but with our master trapmaker invading his home could be a fatal mistake.
Well lets talk about some of the nice aspects of our movie series. Both are a good mix of the crazed killer with the haunted house genre. The dark household filled with shadows that are filled with deadly traps, poisonous insects and of course a heavily trailed killer stalking prepared to jump out of the shadows and slash your throat or worse, capture you and subject you to vicious tortures. Both settings are well suited for the horror genre.
The villain himself is a well oiled killing machine. The Collector is an expert at trap making working in the blink of an eye to construct horrors and make a seemingly harmless situation into a trap that Jigsaw would be proud of. This guy is not just a well trained contract killer but the personality also makes him one evil twisted guy. From the use of drugged out zombie victims or the strange human sculptures that he creates and has suspended in glass cages filled with fluid you know that man is someone you don't want to mess with and will haunt your very nightmares. I would give this killer a huge advantage in any fight and could go one on one with some of the greats.
Last of course is the quality of the hero or heroes in the films. The main character is fairly well acted which is a plus in this case and strikes you as not quite the evil bastard that you would think he is when he tries to rip off the family he is working for. He's a family man and though he is practical is isn't a terrible person. This man may not be a trained killer but he is no slouch himself when it comes to his knowledge of traps and finding his way around overly complex situations. He was able to match the Collector wit for wit and in the end with a broken arm still managed to get a few punches in. This man is a survivor and is a good foil. Really and truley the other characters are just window dressing for this battle in both films and after your recognize this you will be pleasantly pleased.
In the end if you like the slasher Genre and enjoyed the Saw films then this is a series you should be seeing.

Creep Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

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