Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #6 Manos the Hands of Fate

Well what Halloween Blog would be complete without a few bad films. This one much like many others was made famous by mystery science theater 3000. It was the perfect movie with the perfect boring awful plot that makes a movie stand tall.
Manos starts a husband and wife traveling with their child along the country side. They get lost as most couples in horror movies do and end up staying in a creepy house with a man named Torgo. He shows them the painting of his master Manos and tells them that he will arise some day. After some time with Torgo being a creepy pervert Manos arises and decides to go about his business of making the girls a part of his demonic harem.
Well lets start with the loving couple that we are to root for int he film. We have a traditional weak female character and an overly brutish father. The daughter is not annoying and this works to her advantage as everything else about this couple stinks. We have to wonder if we are supposed to like them enough to want them to live.
Well now to the main event. Our villain Manos is an evil demonic wizard complete with devil dogs and an evil harem that tends to fight more with themselves than anything. Manos is supposed to be a little menacing and he does do some nasty things but with the wooden acting and lame costume I really don't feel he is as much of a threat.

Now to the star of the film Torgo! The poorly acted and written little vagrent is the star of the show with his creepy yet playful antics and stupid smile. Torgo is easily the most memorable character in the series.
This film is boring! Boring! BORING! This is the mark that I find terrible in horror films. In the end without Torgo this movie wouldn't be worth mentioning at all.

Creepiness Value - 6/10
Entertainment Value - 3/10
Scare Factor - 5/10

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