Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #28 Costume Quest

Hello all and welcome to the next in my Gaming Halloween reviews. This time I am covering the game Costume Quest. I had been really interested int his game for years and finally I had seen it available for $5 last year so I downloaded it. There is something about a cool indie rpg that makes us have fun again.
This game follows a pair of siblings out for candy during halloween. Unfortunately one of them gets kidnapped by a candy craving monster. This uncovers a plan by the monsters to take all the halloween candy away. You are charged with keeping the candy safe via the power of your imaginations.
This game plays like your standard rpg with you walking around talking to people doing quests and fighting monsters. This game has ok graphics and a fun atmosphere that is perfectly suited for halloween time. The cast of characters is really fun and the combat system is also very enjoyable and adaptable. The innocence with which this game was crafted gives me a little hope for gaming.
The coolest part about this is the costumes themselves which allow you to morph into lifelike versions through the power of imagination that is then used to launch a variety of attacks on your enemies. The costumes are findable and makeable so that you can trade out and anjoy different types of attacks and cool scenes like the one above. I would recommend this game for all ages as a fun way to enjoy the holiday.

Creep Factor - 3/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Factor - 3/10

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