Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #7 Rubber

Ok we are on day 7 of our cool horror movies for halloween. This time we are covering a strange yet frightful film known as Rubber. This movie had caught my attention a long time ago and was well deserving of my pick for horror movie/series of the night.
Lets start with the setting. This movie takes place in the desert which is the most desolate place around. You can hear the eerie silence as the cast of characters adds to the background as was intending leaving you feeling odd and confused a lot of the time. This leaves you off guard for the real story behind the scenes.
The cast of Characters in this film is as interesting as the film itself. From the strange people watching the story play out to the crazy cop and the hot girl this series casts odd shadows of humanity making you almost root for the tire. The people aren't the type that you hate, they aren't bad acted they are just...creepy or...odd.
So we get to our main character. He is a tire with psychic powers that can blow up people's heads. This tire is just looking for love and the freedom of the open road. It has a childlike quality and develops a personality as the movie goes on. It is odd but who would fall for a tire? Of course this tire leaves a pile of bodies in its wake.
In the end this is a fun, strenge and haunting movie that is sure to fall in for your halloween fun.

Creepiness Value - 8/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Value - 4/10

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