Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #31 Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

Welcome to the last of the halloween gaming blogs! I really wanted to do something special for the last blog but then I stumbled upon this classic and had to do this as my last review. This time we are following the game Zombies ate my Neighbors.
This is where I do the whole story thing. Well we have our two heroes and a world overrun by horror bad guys. They must save their friends and neighbors while at the same time taking out the evil zombies and monsters that have mutated and risen from the graves. Armed with your trusty water guns you can do it and take out the evil that has infected the block.
First you get s choice of water gun wielding heroes. This I feel is an application mean to appeal to both male and female gamers. This is a simple shoot em up and really gives you two different player options so you have a different sprite for your two player mode.

The Premise of the game is simple. You utilize your arsenal of weapons to go through each level and rescue the survivors as well as take out the monsters and baddies all the way. If you don't save them they get eaten so you meed to go about doing so. Score points get the keys and go to the next level.
The variety of enemies in this game and the snide humor are the two major fun factors in this for horror fans. You like old school campy horror you will love this game and all the references it goes through. The only issue I have is that the difficulty is also quite old school so be prepared to die lots and lots. It is still to this day worth having via emulator or game download.

Creep Factor - 4/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 4/10

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