Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #25 Batman: Arkham Asylum

You know it is the season for the scary stuff and with it being so off and on one may have a little bit of doubt as to this day's choice. Batman had a history of really crappy beat em up games over the years but after spiderman's playstations victory someone had an idea for a great batman game that made you feel like you were batman and it has inspired three great games and a 4th on the way. Today we will look at the game that stared it all.
Well you are batman and you have just caught the joker for the upteenth millionth time. You are personally delivering him to his temporary home in Arkham when everything goes to heck, the joker escapes and releases all the crazies in the place. As batman you have to take out the crazies and lock the asylum down yet again.
This game is creepy for multiple reasons. The first is that you are in a dark asylum surrounded by killers and psychos waiting to jump out behind a corner and take you out. The second is that you are batman and you do the scaring here! The stealth and the way you can unnerve the bad guys puts a whole new perspective on scary.
The game and the sequels are beautiful to behold adding a combat engine that really allows you to feel that you are batman and that you are mostly in charge. This does not mean you are invincible and if you just charge in you have a good shot at getting ganked, especially if you are in the sequels. This game is seamless in its beauty and action.
The size of the world in these game is also a huge plus. You get to interact with the main story or go off on side quests to learn more about the prisoners and earning bonuses. You see those buildings out there? Yeah you can access those!
If you are looking for a relatively cheap decent graphics game this halloween. Check out this series you can get most for under $20 and many come in bundles.

Creep Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Value - 10/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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