Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #15 Alone in the Dark

Let me bring up another series that is highly vaunted Alone in the Dark. I will be concentrating on the game that I know best and have beaten which is the playstation entry in the series New Nightmare. This series is considered one of the best series in all of horror gaming. This is one of the lesser entries into the series. I, however really liked this game as a solid entry into the series. This series is well known and had even produced two terrible movies.
The game follows a detective who specializes in the paranormal partnering up with a woman involved with odd things going on at a mansion on Shadow island. The island is teaming with odd shadow monsters and they seem to be coming form a deadly dimension. Can they survive long enough to make the it out alive.
This game plays a lot like Resident evil but the enemies are much more dangerous now the bullets do much less than conventional weapons and the danger is terribly real. The puzzles are fun and the mansion is suitably creepy and eerie. This makes the game fairly unoriginal but at the same time it adds elements from Resident Evil 2 where you have alternate storylines you can play for increased playability. The versatility and difficulty level make this game very much a strong entry into the series.

The original game is a staple in the series. I have not gotten the opportunity to play this game myself but I have been told the much like 7th guest this game has lots of puzzles in a haunted house that must be dealt with. It is, however a master of horror and a new series. This broke ground on a lot of games and is considered one of the origin games that was used to come up with ones like Resident Evil.
On the other hand this sad reboot of the series did not fare as well. With odd and crazy driving and unbelievable hard system this game's hard sections make the enjoyment of the game much less of a game and more of an exercise in frustration.

In the end this is a great series but lacks staying power.

Creep Factor - 8/10
Entertainment Factor - 6/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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