Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #15 Night of the Comet

Of all the movies from my childhood that I remember this one sticks with me the most. Crazy zombies a world apocalypse what can you do right? This film was given new life through scream factory on blue ray with an excellent clean up job.
This film stars a bunch of teenagers getting ready to celebrate a comet that is making its way soo close to earth that it will display a spectacular light show for all. The teens have something better to do and realize that everyone on earth is either dust, a zombie turning to dust or something completely different. They enjoy the new world but are unaware that others are trying to take them down and use their blood to extend their lives.
This image has been inhabiting my nightmares since I was little. There is something about an empty world with scores of zombies that really makes a person worried about what is to come. The zombies here come in a variety of forms and are quite scary from the black guy and the pipe wrench to the crazy kids running the local mall. These villains are not terrible and are worthy of being afraid of.
Then there are these assholes. They are intent on draining all the healthy people of their blood and using it to prolong their lives. They are creepy in their own right and they are also super smart as well making them far more dangerous than your average zombies.
 Finally we have our heroes they are not the best in the world but then again they are a little ditzy but there is a shortage of good horror heroes. In the end they serve their purpose of letting you care just enough to not want them to die. The acting in this is fair yet in the end with a world like thsi it can only go up from here.
So I leave you with this creepy deserted world with hopes things will end better.

Creep Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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