Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #8 Eternal Darkness

Hello and welcome to the next in my lineup of Video game recommendations for halloween. This time I am covering the game cube game Eternal Darkness. This game was released at the time when Nintendo was struggling to change its image from only kids to all ages.
This game broke the mold when it came to survival horror games. Where as most had gone to the Shoot em up style of Resident evil. This game went over the Lovecraftian horror that is a new place for games to delve.
This game follows a young woman who is gathering her inheritance from her relative who mysteriously disappeared. She finds a hidden room with a tome that tells her a long and strange story filled with demons and betrayals.
This game covers madness which is very prevalent in the lovecraft mythos. As your madness levels increase you have odd things happening like blood coming out of the walls or the game just turning off. This makes the game series extra special.
The Villains in this series are quite fun to battle and strange in the very least. This game is very good at what it sets out to do.

Creep Factor - 9/10
Entertainment Value - 9/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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