Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #24 Parasite Eve 1 & 2

Hello all and welcome to the next of my Halloween Gamer blog. This time I am doing a double feature to work off of movie and feature. In this case we have two games that spin right off from a movie. So Lets Dive into Parasite Eve.
Parasite eve stars Aya a detective deciding to go and check out her favorite singer at the opera. Unfortunately this is where things go to hell. The opera catches fire and the singer turns into an evil psychic monster. Aya develops powers herself and utilizes them to try and keep "Eve" from destroying all of humanity.
This game was very impressive visually with great cut scenes that they intertwined within the game. This game also was very creative with the parasite monsters making plays off of creatures that have surcomed to the evil mitocondria. This was a creative play off of the movie which we will cover in the other blog. You don't see much from the first movie other than a little bit of the story and the scientist that helps you along.
The Combat in this game was very cool in an action style venue operated mode. This works well and is easy to grasp for rpg veterans and newbies alike. The weapons are very customisable making your weapon and powered abilities fun to level up. This game really revolutionized the field but it was kind of a dead end.
We decided to dead end the old game style and bring things together in a new way. The second game in the installment is quite different from the first. Aya is investigating strange occurrences and stumbles on a workshop that is utilizing the same process that created eve to create monsters of their own.
This game is a total departure from the original game it is graphically superior and decides to go for more of an action style interaction that makes it similar to a real survival horror type game. We get rid of the menu and more to the action. This makes it much more dangerous for players that are not quick to react.
This is a good second entry into the series. There is also a third game but that one is a brainless actoin PSP game so don't bother with it.
In the end this is a scary game series well worth finding and checking out.

Creep Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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