Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #5 The Resident Evil Series Part 2

Hello again and let's go with the second Resident Evil Movie blog. Last time we covered the ok but underwhelming live action movies. Action is the optimum part in this relation. Well many don't realize and others didn't even really pay attention to the other Resident Evil movies that came out as there were two animated features that were especially worth while.
Resident Evil Degeneration was the first of the two that came out. I admit I was skeptical about the computer animated film but decided to dive in anyway. This version stars two of our fun in game stars Claire and Leon. The movie opens up with a zombie filled airport and the two having to go in to the rescue. The two fall onto a plot by umbrella that they must stop in order to try and save the world.
When I started this film I actually felt like I needed to reach for a controller after the initial cut scene of a game. After watching the film I could easily see this being a game in the franchise. The animation is very well done and the voice acting is professional in nature. This was the movie that we were all waiting for when we heard about the first one too bad this didn't do as well. 

Ok it did do well in Japan so we got a sequel out of it. Damnation follows Leon again as he has to deal with not only umbrella genetic experiments but the las plaga from the 4th game as well. You are again treated with visual excellence and a movie that does the game justice. The characters and story are well written and the music and visuals will keep you on edge. 
What does it feel like to have appropriate movies to reflect the game series? Well it feels satisfying. The entertainment value of these is off the chart and there is a creep and scare factor that is not great but much better than the other films. If it was up to me I would say these are the real resident evil movies. 

Creep Factor   -   5/10
Entertainment Value  - 8/10 
Scare Factor  - 4/10  

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