Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #21 Juggernaut

Hello I am going in a different direction to carry something new and different for my 21st gaming blog. I have chosen a game that I don't even have an official trailer for...Juggernaut.
Ok this is a game that came out during the golden age of the playstation. This game follows a man who investigates the mystery within a strange mansion. This game explores the surreal and the supernatural to deliver a strange and haunting mystery story.
This game had a very cool set of graphics for the time. When you are working your way to that mansion you are already hooked. This game gives you a compass and you have your options of moving through a maze and utilizing items or using your spirit form to possess things and move about to other areas to discover more secrets and solve puzzles.
This game has a very haunting story filled with exorcism and spirits as well as creepy visuals. Most found the game's confusing and odd storyline a setback for the game but to me it adds to the creepiness of the series. It also has a few jump scares that are really good to spread that factor.
This game is really overly hard and confusing. I must admit this makes the game endlessly frustrating and the fun level just isn't there. This is the biggest hurt.

Creep Value - 8/10
Entertainment Factor - 4/10
Scare Value - 6/10

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