Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #16 Bioshock

Welcome back to my 16th installment of my halloween gaming blog. We have covered a lot of games in the horror section but we have neglected the first person genre. I love cool concepts and creepy hallways as well as a neat place to shoot things and this game delivers all this and more.
Welcome to the world of Bioshock you are on your way to visit the city of rapture and your plane catches fire and crashes in the ocean. You find the city of rapture once the beacon of capitalism has fallen into chaos and the citizens are either dead, hiding or have become crazy mutants out to get you. You must work your way through to find the answers that await and solve the mystery of the little sisters.
Welcome to Rapture a futuristic vision of a scientific and business genius it is the perfect free market vision (Glenn Beck, you should use this as your model). It is underwater and it is isolated and that is the purpose to keep it away from all big government influence. This city has all the amenities you would ever want for a price. Weapons and drugs everywhere the perfect freedom paradise.  This city is also in chaos. It is in decay the shops are messed up and there are shadows and malfunctioning machinery everywhere making this place a tomb that is extra creepy.

Lets talk about the monsters in the city. They are creepy crazy goonies are genetically modified so that they have blades for hands shoot fire or do any number of messed up things. They all are homicidal and they all want to kill you. While you are wandering the halls you hear their crazy ramblings and never know when they are going to come around the corner to kill you.
The next creepy crawlies is the little sisters and their Big Daddies. You get to play as one in the sequel (which isn't as cool as you would think). These giant monsters are so nasty that they can drill you full of holes faster than you can say giant arm drill.
Finally there are the little sisters. They are twisted creations made to harvest the chemical "Adam" (the psychic super drug) from the bodies of the dead. Once you take down their Big Daddy Guardian you get the choice of weather to harvest them by ripping them open and taking their adam or you can save them and just siphon off the excss and help make these normal little girls. This gives you more options in the game.
This game has a lot of options for you as far as weapons and you get psychic powers. The customization is one of the ways of making your character an individual. This is still one of your average shoot em ups but it still is a cool and creepy shoot em up.

Creep Value - 8/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Value - 7/10

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