Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #16 Bride of the Monster

Hello and welcome back to another of the best and the brightest when it comes to horror and this time I am covering the Horror Classic Bride of the Monster featuring super director Ed Wood.
This is one of the cooler installments of the Ed Wood franchise. Ed wood managed to dig up Bela Lugosi (Old School Dracula) and bring him in to do the cool evil genius thing for his super cool monster movies. I mean if you haven't seen an ed wood movie you haven't seen the top notch special effects and acting ...
...ok maybe a no on all of those things. This movie goes on about a number of disappearances that have been happening in the swamp. It turns out that in the swamp there is an evil scientist that has the aim to make an invincible army of supermen. He captures the girl and is setting it up so that his current super man (Tor Johnson) will have a nice little bride. (Hence the title "Bride of the Monster")
Well we are working on how this little story gets made. It is a mystery how any Ed Wood films get made in the end. We have our bad acting we have our stock footage and we have our cheap cheap props. (It was said at the end Bela had to hold the tentacles around him and move them around himself to try and make it look "real").
This is a classic that I believe is much better than the famous ones such as Plan 9 and his other well known films. I feel it is classic Ed Wood and if you are to see any of his films this is the one for you.  

Creep Factor - 4/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10 
Scare Factor - 3/10

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