Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #14 Behind the Mask The Rise of Leslie Vernon

This time on my 14th day of horror I am introducing a horror comedy known as Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I have found this movie to be exceptionally creative and witty at times making it one of the better films of its time. I still believe that there are none out there quite like it. IF I were to point out one that would be similar I would say Cabin in the Woods is along these lines.
Leslie is just like any other man living his life out going to a job maintaining a house with a nice pet or two and plotting a murder spree...Yeah... Leslie has contacted a college reporter in order to try and take her step by step through the process of creating a horror Icon like Jason or Freddy. He goes over the basics of how to go about setting up the kill, building the suspense and even introduces her to his mentors. When show time finally comes do they have what it takes to stand by and watch the blood bath?
This film is full of fun cameos including Freddy Himself! It works hard to tear apart the slasher franchise and examine it one crazy bit at a time even going over how a killer can continue to go at a casual stroll and keep up with a running victim. this film really knows how to poke fun at itself in a good way.
When you are through the half way mark this series goes from obvious comedy to obvious horror becoming the very slasher film that it had been working to mock. Leslie is a fun and cool character just suitably twisted enough to make him scary and likable at the same time. I would not want him to stalk me that's for sure.
In the end this put together just the right mix of horror for any party that you might want to attend.

Creep Factor - 5/10
Entertainment Factor - 8/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

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