Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #27 Friday the 13th Blog Part II

Ok we are back again With Friday the 13th Part V a new Beginning This time we have a copycat that decides it would be fun to pretend to be jason and slaughter a few horney teens. This "Jason" goes on a rampage with the telltale hockey mask and machete but sadly he comes to a bad end.
This movie was an interesting follow up from "the final chapter" this reminds me a little bit of Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 where they decided to go someplace a little different. I was not overly impressed by this and other than it being a crazy bit of work.
The 6th installment of the series entitled Jason lives brings Jason back from the dead making him the undead psycho killer that we all know and love to this day. Jason decides that the best thing he can do is return to crystal lake where he finds a bunch of horny kids.
Again nothing new here other than Jason becoming the undead engine of destruction that he is today. I must give them that this is worth the watch as a fun and bloody romp. No more imitators we want the real thing!
HA! You thought they couldn't wake Jason up again well some dumb girl decides that it is time to wake the dead and Jason accidentally hears the call. Ok well now that Jason is awake what did he decide to do? Go to Disneyland? No he goes back to Crystal lake where he finds yet another group of horney teens to slaughter. This time Jason is drowned in the very lake he died in to begin with supposedly closing the circle and sending him down for good.
Really and truly I just wanted to show off the poster this is really nothing new here killing kids horney you get it.
Jason comes back again! This time via electricity and decides to take a cruise in order unwind and get away from slaughtering horny teens at Crystal Lake. Now he's decided to branch out and go after a bunch of horny teenagers on a boat. (It's great when you diversify). Jason is eventually killed when he falls in a vat of toxic waste. Boy you can't see a sequel here anywhere.

Jason takes manhattan is a bit misleading as the total takes place on a cruise ship. This is really nothing other than diversity killing on a bunch of teens on a ship. Why can't Jason simply go after a few Church goers after revival? I mean what is it with the whole morality thing (see cabin in the woods blog later this week). In the end this would normally be the end but when you use toxic waste to kill a villain you are just asking for a suped up stuper sequel.

Creep Factor - 5/10
Entertainment Value - 7/10
Scare Factor - 5/10

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