Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #13 The Silent Horror Series

Ok you know I have hit some of the classics and some of the odd balls now I am hitting a rare oddball series of movies from one of my favorite groups X-Strike Studios. This group takes video games and turns them into interesting and funny low budget movies. This series is their horror omage to Silent Hill and Resident Evil. This is SILENT HORROR
Silent Horror is the first film that follows a man who is looking for someone in a hunted town. He runs into a group of other 'survivors' and the work their way through in order to find out the mystery behind this terrible cursed place.
The Sequel picks up a little while after the first movie where a police group is out to take on survivors in a zombie infested house filled with genetic experiments and has an eerie tie to the supernatural aspects of the first film.
 The first thing that I will talk about in this are the two downsides. The first pictures for this are rare so I will try and fit everything in one portion. The first of the downsides is the low budget this is not a terrible downside but if you do not like low budget B-Films go home and go away. I also felt that the first film in the series was a tad boring seeming a little bit long at times.
You know the characters in these films are great. They are perfect parodies of the original characters that they are making fun of. They are funny and have a new life of their own. The jokes are perfect and have a great fun feel to them if you are a game fan this is a perfect set of films for your holiday viewing. These people love video games and you can tell their love for the series.

Creep Factor - 3/10
Entertainment Factor - 9/10
Scare Factor - 3/10

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