Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #28 Friday the 13th Blog Part III

Well we continue with the next set of higher budget films that really ended the cannon for the series. This time we start with Part 8 for those of you counting which is named Jason goes to hell. We last left jason in a pile of toxic waste which mutates the undead monster into an odd worm thing that then possesses others to become the evil killing machine. Thank goodness we have some horney teens to come to the rescue! Jason managed to finally form his own newly demonic body but sadly the teens end up trapping him in hell where he is gone for good...or is he?
Ok this was an interesting installment in the series. It was by far the biggest bank roll job I have seen other than the remake. It had good effects and a fairly creepy story but I feel it went a tad over the top for my taste. You know in the end I was not feeling this film like I did the others and yet the saga continues...
Jason X, the tenth installment in the series (even though the creators insisted that the title did not refer to the actual installment of the film.) takes place in the far future. Jason, while hunting down horney teens is frozen and left buried. Unfortunately horney space teens from the future find Jason's frozen body and decide to unfreeze him...huh? Well Jason gets defrosted and becomes mecha Jason a well oiled horney teen killing machine. Jason is eventually beaten and blown into so many pieces he may not even make it to the next movie.
Ok this is a fun space romp so I can give them that much. I mean what isn't better when you add space ships and cyber tech? I was not really impressed with their "original concept" but as quality goes it does belong in this series of slaughter fest.

You know fans have been waiting for this matchup for years and finally it was delivered. In Freddy Vs. Jason we find Freddy straight out of the last Nightmare on Elm street film forgotten and powerless. Freddy Finds Jason in Hell and resurrects him so that he can spread fear and panic to make freddy strong once again. Unfortunately Jason keeps killing the horney teens before Freddy can sink his claws in. This prompts a bloody grudge match and woe to any horney teen getting in their way.
We have all been waiting for this match up and we were all a little disappointed. It was a fun movie and I did enjoy it but at the same time I feel that they missed the boat on a lot here. Still I am going to try and let others decide as this one I feel is the one on this list that you really should watch.

Creep Factor - 4/10
Entertainment Factor - 7/10
Scare Factor - 6/10

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