Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Movie Blog #17 The Walking Dead

I want to work on a double feature this time and though I had normally been working on movies I think I will try and work on a few TV shows to boot. This is an important TV series for multiple reasons. This is the series that started the horror tv craze. Shows Like The Strain and American Horror Story owe their existence to this series.
This series follows Rick a deputee who woke up in a hospital to a world full of zombies (well they are called walkers here). Rick managed to find a group of survivors and this series follows them in their various adventures in surviving the zombie apocalypse.
you know Life in the zombie apocalypse is complicated. We aren't just dealing with the zombies here we are dealing with other survivors and the strained dynamic within your own survival group. this brings real live drama to the series. You get to deal with a lot of realism and good makeup to make the experience very well involved. The action is real and you quickly learn it is the live ones you got to watch. With every season we get to add depths to the group dynamic that make it well worth watching. Keep in mind here that you really don't want to get attached to anyone here as this dynamic turns deadly quite quickly.
Well there is one thing that you can die of in the walking dead that does not well reflect the great effects above par acting and well crafted story. Apparently no one is prepared for...the boredom! Yeah the episodes usually come in two flavors action heavy and boring. This is the biggest detractor of the series and it has driven a number of followers from the ranks. This coupled with the fact that you can't get to know characters before they die.

Creep Factor - 7/10
Entertainment Value - 6/10
Scare Factor - 7/10

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