Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Gaming Blog #2 Corpse Party

Hello again horror fans and we are back for another game that is a cool way to spend your halloween nights alone in the dark. Today we are talking about Corpse Party. This game is for the PSP and is one of the few japanese rpg style horror ports that actually made a full on american release. For those few of you with a PSP or a Vita this game is still available for download.
Corpse Party is a horror game done in the old school 16 bit tradition. You play a group of students that make the mistake of performing a ceremony in the school at night. In doing so they have managed to trap themselves in an endless nightmare from which they may never escape.
Game play is remarkably simplified involving your standard walk around, press A and continue interface. This allows for simple exploration of the school and its many creepy elements. This style can be clunky at times but reflects many of the games of its kind through we never really got to keep this side of the ocean. Think of this as a sort of really dark old school rpg game.
 Now the story is where we get into the creep factor of the game. There are many avenues that you can take throughout that lead to variations in the story. Element here are definately not appropriate for children. You are dealing with elements of madness, murder, sadism, rape and a myriad of other nasty little creep factors that lead you from one dark scare to the next.
The next part is the difficulty factor of this game. You constantly find yourself in bad situations and there are many times when you are stuck without a way to go. Trust me you had better make sound decisions and pay full attention to your surroundings if you are to survive this experience.
In the end this is a very fun and creepy game that is very much worth the time for your to keep.

Creep Factor 9/10 - Even with the low end graphics this game still packs in the creep factor like no one else. Once you've died a few times you will start to see it yourself.

Entertainment Value 6/10 - The style and difficulty makes the game frustrating at times.

Scare Factor 6/10 - Again the factors are there but the graphics really don't back it up so jump scares are just not in the cards.

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